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Haji Mehdi of Askole

Our history of services in the field of Adventure Tourisum goes back to 1950s, it was Hassan who made expeditions to the Baltoro and Biafo areas possible as he provided them with porters and food and persuaded his fellow villagers to welcome the “intruders”. Haji Mahadi took over from his father in the 1960s and looked after and helped all the climbers coming through Askole until his death in 1999.

The Managing Director of the agency, Muhammed Iqbal, is the son of the legendary headman of Askole, Haji Mahadi, and the grandson of Hassan.Haji was one of the most famous personality in the shigar valley also from his hospitality and kindness he was also wellknown among the Mountainers ,this is the reason that haji has many friends in different countries of the world.

Haji Mehdi Of Askole Recomendation