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General Info

  • The best time for trekking and climbing in the Karakoram is June to September (the Karakoram is only slightly or not at all affected by the monsoon).
  • All treks that do not lead to higher ground are possible from May to October.
  • Culture trips and jeep safaris are theoretically possible throughout the year but not really advisable in winter due to the severe cold.

A trek in the Karakoram takes at least three weeks.
In order to promote tourism in the Karakoram the summit permits have been reduced by half.
As in many regions in the world, there are no-go areas in Pakistan, especially for foreigners. In the big cities, above all in Karachi, bomb attacks are not uncommon, and in the tribal areas along the border to Afghanistan riots often break out. Sometimes there are sectarian conflicts, also in Gilgit (about 200 km west of Skardu) and in the area around Chilas (about 300 km south of Skardu, on the Karakorum Highway), but tourists are not involved.

Generally one can say that Baltistan is not affected by riots, bomb attacks and religious conflict.  Baltistan is safe for visitors! There is hardly any violence at all: the prison in Skardu, for instance, is empty most of the time. This has cultural reasons for the Baltis place great value on peace and hospitality.

Moreover, Baltistan is linked to the outside world only by one road on which are strictly controlled. Otherwise, the area is separated from the rest of Pakistan – and with that from the regions which are not safe - by high mountains.

A high altitude porter gets 600 US $ for equipment (in case this is not given to him) and, depending on his qualification and experience, between 1200 and 1500 Rupies (1000 Rupies = 13 Euro) per day, counting from and to Skardu.

We can give you the best and most experienced high altitude porters of Baltistan who all are prepared to work for this agency. Some of them have climbed K 2, most of them have reached the summits of Broad Peak, G I and G II at least once.

At present, the best high altitude porters come from the Khapulu area and from the village of Satpara near Skardu. The probably strongest of them all is Little Hussain. He was among the high altitude porters who helped to carry down the body of Markus Kronthaler from the summit of Broad Peak in summer 2007.