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Gilgit – Baltistan (the Little Tibet) Tours

A journey along the Silk Road: Himalaya, Hindukush & Karakoram

The landscape of Baltistan with its majestic summits, sheer granite towers, flower-strewn slopes and long glaciers is unique in its bizarre and breath-taking beauty.

Pakistan Baltistan (Little Tibet)belonged to the so-called "Northern Areas". Today this area is known as Gilgit-Baltistan. Baltistan is bordered to the south and south-east of Ladakh and in the south-west of Kashmir  situated  in the heart of the Karakoram.

The inhabitants of Baltistan speak a Tibetan language and use as a written language Urdu.Baltistan is divided into the Skardu and the Gangche district.

The Skardu District includes the former kingdoms Rondu , Shigar , Skardu and Kartaksho ( Kharmang ). For Gangche district include the old dominions Khaplu and Kiris.

The region Gilgit Baltistan has its rich cultural heritage landscape and scenic beauty and the whole Gilgit Baltistan is the paradise of mountains climbers, trekkers, hikers and cultural tours. Gilgit-Baltistan where four big mountain ranges the Karakoram, the Handukuch the Himalayas and The Pamirs- meet Its Countless cultural as well as scenic sights make Pakistan an interesting destination for Nature Lovers all over the world.


Note: Itinerary (can be shortened or extended depending on time, weather and physical condition)

Days Destinations / Day by day itinerary Accommodation  
01 Flight to Islamabad Hotel  
02 Sightseeing in Islamabad (Lok Virsa Museum, Faisal Mosque), dinner at Daman-e-Koh restaurant with view of Islamabad Hotel  
03 Drive to Taxila; sightseeing (Buddhist monuments, museum); drive on the Karakorum Highway to Besham (ca 350 km) Hotel  
04 Drive along the Indus on the Karakorum Highway to Gilgit; ca 350 km Hotel  
05 Sightseeing (Buddha statue); drive to Karimabad in Hunza; ca 150 km Hotel  
06 Sunrise at Eagle´s Nest high above Hunza; sightseeing (Baltit Fort in Karimabad) Hotel   
07 Drive to Gilgit and on to Skardu in Baltistan; dinner at Shangrila Resort at Kachura Lake; ca 200  km Hotel  
08 Sightseeing in Skardu, walk to Skardu Fort, lunch at the Organic Village Nank Soq, barbecue dinner Hotel  
09 Drive to Satpara Lake and to the Deosai Plateau (more than 4000 m above sea-level);
ca 100 km
10 Drive to Shigar Valley, bath in the hot sulphur springs at Chutron, sightseeing (Shigar Mosque); ca 100 km Hotel  
11 Drive to Khapulu, sightseeing (Khapulu Fort with view of Hushe Valley and Masherbrum); ca 150 km Hotel  
12 Drive to Skardu; ca 100 km Hotel  
13 Free day in Skardu  (e.g. walking, horse riding, fishing, shopping, swimming, boat trip on the Indus...) Hotel  
14 Flight to Islamabad; free time for sightseeing, shopping, golf...) Hotel  
15 Return flight    

Dates & Prices

Dates & Prices

Best Time For Climbing Duration of Expedition Group size Max Altitude Tour Package
April to October Every year 15 Days ISB-ISB 02-12 Members 3734meter Depends on group Size 
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